Pablo Lara Navarro


Degree in Documentation and Diploma in Library Science and Documentation from the University of Granada.

In the teaching area he has carried out activities as a visiting professor at the Austral University of Chile, he has also given lectures in different universities such as the University of Barcelona, ​​the Pompeu Fabra University, the Carlos III University of Madrid and other institutions. In the professional part he has developed and coordinated projects for the Administration and different private institutions on information systems and management of electronic resources in the Junta de Andalucía, the IRIS Network, and several City Councils. Directs and collaborates in research projects on e-learning, social networks and organization and recovery of information focused on the area of ​​information, knowledge and content management. Participates in different forums and specialized courses in electronic administration, information retrieval in electronic environments, teaching and institutional training in the organization and management in e-learning.

He has published different books and articles, the most recent being: Positioning of web content in e-learning (2004); Electronic administration: gestió d'informació i coneixement (2004); Information management in the design of online educational content (2004); Accessibility and usability Web as an instrument of competitiveness and teaching quality (2004).

Currently it is

Professor in the area of ​​Management of Information Resources and the Information Society of the Open University of Catalonia.
Researcher of the IN3-UOC.
Member of the Committee 50 AENOR.
Collaborator of the UNESCO Chair of E-learning.


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