Graduated in Systems Engineering (2013) with specialization in business and services in Telecommunications (2014) by the SanBuenaventura University in Bogotá, Colombia. Currently, he focuses his doctoral studies in the branch of communication industries.

He has also completed the Master in Information Management at the School of Computer Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

In the last year he has participated and won several awards related to the use of open data and the reuse of public sector information.

Highlights the second prize for the best final work of Master, "Analysis of the high positions of the Generalitat Valenciana", of the UPV (2017), first prize Ideas UPV Challenge (2016) with the BikeUPV project, second prize Open Datathon of the Consellería of Transparency, Social Responsibility, Participation and Cooperation (2016) with the project "Expenditure on R & D in the budgets of the Generalitat Valenciana" and Hack For Good Award Valencia City Council with the project "Environmental noise management in Valencia".

In addition, he has been a finalist, along with a multidisciplinary work team made up of 9 people, from Desafío Aporta 2017 with the LicitaLio project: Your comparator of public sector contracts.

His research focuses on the learning of data processing tools, data mining, data cleaning and then implement it in visual tools through graphs.

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